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Appetite for AdventureAppetite for Adventure

Appetite for adventure is our special multi activity day out that combines two of our favourites; coasteering and kayaking. Throughout the day you will embark on an adventure that will have you seeing Pembrokeshire’s beautiful coastline from two totally new perspectives.

Our adventure will take place in two parts with one activity in the morning and one in the afternoon, with lunch somewhere stunning and remote to keep our hunger at bay, so be sure to bring your favourite sandwiches and pack lunch fillers.

Appetite for AdventureKayaking is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the coast. Exploring the cathedral-like caves, learning about the local coastal wildlife, picking up new skills, and taking in the breathtaking scenery is only a small part of our kayaking adventure...

After lunch, we’ll be making our way back to the water for our next adventure, and this time we’ll be discovering what the sea has to offer from a much closer perspective. Coasteering really does provide you with the best way of getting up close and personal to some of the UK’s most diverse and spectacular coastline. With a combination of sea swimming, scrambling and cliff jumping we’re sure to have you working up an appetite for adventure. Appetite for Adventure

To round up the day and satisfy a different type of appetite, sit down and let us bring to you the Pembrokeshire dining experience with our gourmet BBQ including locally produced meats, freshly caught seafood (including lobster, crab, and mackerel) and homemade breads and salads.

The details:

  • 9.30am – 4.30pm, BBQ to follow
  • Coasteering, kayaking (order may change – weather dependant) and BBQ dining.
  • We will provide wetsuits, kayak, safety kit and the BBQ. Please bring a packed lunch.
  • Cost £99 (Minimum 6 people)
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