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24-Hour Coastal Challenge

24-Hour Coastal ChallengeThe 24-hour Coastal Challenge is ultimate team building event. You will have two hours to learn how to read maps, learn basic survival skills and come up with a team plan before your 24 hour timer and team building adventure starts. Over the set time period your team will have to navigate the Pembrokeshire coastline and coast paths, crack codes to win you prizes and helpful kit, abseil down 50ft cliffs, unlock clues by kayak, swim into hidden caves, forage for food and bivi out in a remote bay using all the bushcraft skills you know and have learned, to survive the night in the coastal wilderness.

24-Hour Coastal Challenge

The task is a simple one; to get from A to B before your time is up. However, the journey is full of challenges, obstacles, and tasks that cannot be bypassed without completion, so can only be conquered by solid teamwork and problem solving.

Have you got a strong enough team spirit to take on the 24-hour Coastal Challenge?

Break down

10am start at venue For 2 hours of prep time before the challenge starts. The challenge would then run 12pm – 12pm

24-Hour Coastal Challenge

  • Abseil and climb
  • Kayak
  • Coasteer
  • Fire lighting
  • Shelter Building
  • Cooking on an open fire
  • Navigation
  • Initiative exercises
  • Hiking

24-Hour Coastal Challenge


  • Price £215 (Minimum 8 people)
British CanoeingActivities Industry Mutual Outdoor Charter Group Accredited School of Surfing AALA Mountain Training Association

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