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in     by Sara 05-09-2017

Often on our kayaking half and full day sessions we get asked a lot of questions about seals, and naturally one question seems to come up more than the rest - "Are we going to see any seals today?"

Join us in Pembrokeshire this Autumn on one of our special full day 'Kayaking with Seals' trips to see the Grey Atlantic Seals which inhabit some of the more secluded parts of our coastline. 

 As we enter the pupping season in Pembrokeshire, and after seeing our first seal pups of the year (yay!!!) we have decided to run trips specifically designed around learning about the Grey Atlantic Seal, the pups and pupping season, and seal behaviour and how to take care when around these amazing creatures, while (hopefully!) catching a glimpse into a seals life all from your kayak.

 We are running these trips on a 'Book now to be guided around the coast, visiting some of the locally known seal hotspots in the hope of seeing some of these amazing Autumn visitors.

£70 per child / £75 per adult
All necessary kit included





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