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in     by Sara 09-11-2016

Pembrokeshire is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I feel incredibly lucky to call it home, and I think there is only one thing that I love that you can't find in Pembrokeshire - Mountains.
Sam and myself went walking through North and mid Wales a couple of weeks ago, with the aim of seeking out a few small summits. I always get this giddy rush of excitement whenever we get in the van for a long journey, the same feeling you get as a child the night before you go on holiday. We drove up listening to our most recent Sherlock Holmes audiobook and chatted about smalls things and big plans, arriving late in the night at our usual park up by a large lake before nesting in for the night.
Over the first day we walked up Tryfan, Bristly Ridge and the Glydyrs before descending through the devils kitchen. Considering that the day was a nice one and a Saturday, after the first 100m of ascent we barely saw a soul, and after a while Sam picked up on the fact that the wildlife was pretty scarce too. It was a wonderful silence that filled the air, almost eerie with it’s weight, and aside from a few walkers we crossed paths with on our way to Tryfan’s summit, the only other movements came from a single raven and a pair of fighting mountain goats.

On the second day of walking started off with just the two of us, and plenty of sheep that took no notice of our presence. After walking up Mynydd Gwerngraig we decided to go off route and head towards a gully we’d spotted to see if it was climbable. We climbed the first 7 or 8 metres of easy ground and fairly solid rock quite quickly and were then faced with a tricky, and slippery wet grass ascent up the next 15m which would have been very uncomfortable if either of us would have taken a fall, however as we both felt competent and we’d already shook on going the ‘adventurous’ route, we carried on up. The walk up Cadair Idris is much easier than Tryfan and the Glydyrs, and we saw a lot more people along the way, but the views were truly breathtaking. We carried on along the ridgeline before descending down the Minffordd Path and finishing our weekend in the mountains. By the time we’d arrived back in Pembrokeshire I was already pining to be back amongst the clouds, our next adventure already planned.




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