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in     by Sara 29-11-2016

The Summer holidays are our busiest time where our guides see hundreds of faces, take out lot's of different groups on a vast amount of adventures. Needless to say our summer is intense, and even though there was not a single day that passed where I didn't think "wow, this is really my job", I was still left craving a holiday of my own by the end of the season. 

One of the great benefits about rolling with the seasons and accepting winter as the quiet time, is that we get to go away and have our own amazing adventures, see inspiring places, and push the sports that we love most. Our guides Sara and Bramble are doing just that this winter, and Spain is the destination for another year. Last year Sara started off in El Chorro, South Spain, to begin her trip at a place world reknowned for it's quality sport climbing. She and her partner Sam stayed for just over a month, climbing nearly everyday. They were lucky enough to have an 'unseasonably warm' Southern Spanish winter and spent most days climbing in shorts and T-shirt, and out of the whole time they were there, only had two half days of wet weather and rock!  Bramble and his partner Briony had been climbing and helping out with a climbing company in Costa Blanca, finding out about all the best crags and welcoming that Spanish sunshine too. After joining forces in the new year when Sara and Sam travelled North, they decided to take on The Barranco Del Inferno (which translates to 'Hell's Gorge'), a maze of abseils, via ferrata and steady stepping as you navigate through the water-worn levels of the gorge. A brilliant adventure that can and should be undertaken by all, as their are guided tours available, however if you do choose to do it alone try not to get lost! (They took a 3 hour detour, which I beleive is also called the 'scenic' route).

The second mission was the Bernia Ridge - a stunning Ridge line in Costa Blanca, with a great feeling of exposure, a couple of spicy sections and absolutely spectacular views. This is an amazing adventure and one that could be repeated a million times. It's also inpired our guide Sara to seek out more mountains on her next big trips - something she hasn't done in previous years.

So, 2016's winter has a lot to live up to, but with so much left to be explored after last winter we are looking forward to the regular updates and tonnes of pictures coming our way! 

Have fun guys!!





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